Concepts Response
Providing Risk Mitigation via System Software Engineering, Insurance (Reputational, Property, Business), and Consulting.

Our Viewpoint: Discoverable Perils and Hazards can persist in Engineering, Business and Life ... notwithstanding an understanding that the only thing that ever changes is "Contemporary Technology".

We design and implement Risk-Addressing Pathway Solutions to offset potential Losses in Engineering, Business and Life "Projects" ... which often gains increased stability and enhanced efficiencies.

Our forte and industry differentiator is to augment confidence for project endeavors and operations through seasoned Systems Engineering and Legal-Based Perspectives.


  • Systems Software Engineering;
  • Engineering and Business Process Analysis and Improvement;
  • Negoitation, Facilitation, Representation;
  • Continuity of Operations Plan Development;
  • Cryptography Patent Examiner Work;
  • Authoring of Concept/White Papers.
  • Software Tools: includes Scala, Perl, Neo4j.

Past Performance

US Air Force
US Patent Office
Office of Naval Intelligence
Defense Intelligence Agency
Federal Aviation Administration
National Security Agency (Liaison)
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Okinawa, Japan per US Department of State
US Army Intelligence and Security Command
US Army Communication Electronics Command

CR Data
  • FEIN: 26-24-20-21-9
  • CAGE: 523Q6
  • DUNS: 020822347
  • Certified Veteran Owned Small Business
Custom Computer Programming Services
Claims Adjusting
All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Business Licenses
Public Adjuster
Representative Claims Adjusting

Property and Casualty

MD/NPN: 16105680

CR President: Youn Myles, BSES, MSSE, JD
POBox 3 Glenwood, MD 21738
Fax (240) 500-1737
Ph (844) 3733-533
Ph (844) Free-Lee